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Shannon Burgundy  60 Round Fitted   EXTRA THICK

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Shannon Burgundy 60 Round Fitted

Vinyl Fitted Tablecloths one size fits all size tables
from 49" to 60" round .
Great For Indoors or Outdoors.

Fitted Tablecloths are made of XTRA Thick durable vinyl will not shift or slide as they have a elastic edge which stretches to fit and gives you a more stable surface.
You can use your fitted vinyl tablecloths indoors or outdoors.Vinyl tablecloths wipes easily with a damp sponge.
They are made with a soft fabric backing to help protect fine surfaces , also great for glass tables
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Shannon Burgundy 60 Round Fitted EXTRA THICK
Shannon Burgundy 60 Round Fitted extra thick tablecloth with elastic fits 49 to 60 round tables.
Fitted vinyl elasiticated tablecloth will give you many years of pleasure. Fitted tablecloths are great for playing cards as the table will fit snug and not move on table. Your children can play games on table without damaging your table. Friends will think you purchased a new table. Fitted vinyl tablecloths come in many different sizes and colors. Fitted vinyl elastic tablecloths protect the sides of your table. Our fitted vinyl elastic tablecloths are not only priced right but they will give your table a new look. Fitted vinyl elastic tablecloths are washable just wipe with a damp cloth
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